Surety Bonds: An Irish Tale “Lynch the ILOC Slayer”

There once came a Irish warrior from a family of mariners.  He lived in an ancient time, a time of struggle. (Celtic music)

   Gaelic nobles were the landowners of this era.  It was their mission to develop and improve the region by use of their special skills.  But an impediment arose.  The ILOCs came to prey on them – savaging the noble’s efforts to expand their estates.
   And so Lynch was summoned home from the sea.  The storied fighter donned his battle gear and the hunt commenced.  He pursued the ILOCs from the Hill of Tara to Newgrange.  He brought them destruction.
   Some nobles were in the clutches of the ILOCs, no hope of escape. Lynch’s iron spear came to bear, vanquishing the oppressors!
   The nobles flourished under the protection of Lynch’s shield – and a defense against future ILOC attack was mounted.
Thus is the Irish tale of “Lynch the ILOC Slayer!”
Is this a true story?  Could it be based on fact?  The answer will be revealed…

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  1. Steve, I have been reading your “Secrets of Bonding” for many years and I enjoy them so much that I have made our producers subscribe to your site. Thanks for all the great content over the years. Will Burke

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