Index of Articles

Account Management

2. Full Disclosure: What Does It Mean? Why Is It Important?
9. Bonding Capacity: Cure or Lure?
30. The Greatest Danger
49. Bid with a Check?
50. Don’t Cross That Line (of Authority)
53. Funds Control vs. Tripartite Agreements
61. Sample (Real Life) Bonding Problem
62. Irrevocable Letter of Credit: What is it? What isn’t it?
63. How to Get the Lowest Surety Bond Rate
66. Timing, the Cart, the Horse
67. Get to Know FedBizOpps
68. Get Your Surety Bond For Free!
69. Actual, Consequential and Liquidated Damages. Wazzat?
71. The Best Way to Avoid Low Profits
75. How come He can get a bond?!
76. The Second Bidder’s Second Chance
77. Peculiarities of Bonding Rates
81. The Path to Profitable Contracts
82. Who’s on First?  Understand Bonding Terms
83. Collateral, the Big Nasty
84. Bid Bonds – How to Manage the Account
85. No Bid Bond, No Problem!
88. 10 Biggest Lies In Bonding
89. Beyond the Glass Ceiling
100. Why You Don’t Need Us
101. S-T-R-E-T-C-H That Bonding Line
104. Your Bid Is Busted! (Prevent a Voided Bid Bond)
105. Choose Your Partner! (Selecting the right Surety)
107. Surety vs Fidelity (Which is more important?)
108. Work On Hand – How to Calculate
113. Your First Bond – Choose Door #1 or 2?
114. Subcontractor Problem-How To Solve?
118. Bonding Company = Girlfriend (Relationship management)
120. About the T-List (Circular 570)
122. Don’t Sign That Lien Release!
127. The Call (First Step In New Bond Account)
128. The Unexpected Cause of Contractor Failure
130. Rob Peter to Pay Paul (Misapplication of contract funds)
132. Crawl Inside the Underwriter’s Skull (About the underwriting process)
134. How to Avoid the T-List
141. Surety Bonds and Zombies (Control Fixed Expenses)
143. Surety Bonds and Brain Surgery (Choose the right expert)
149. Be A Surety Bond Fixer
151. It’s Time For… Timing! (Follow the correct order)
154. Be a Bean Counter (The Importance of Reporting Bid Results) 
173. Bid Results / Sgt. Joe Friday
174. When You Can’t Get a Bid Bond
175. Go Deeper! (Nurture the Producer-Underwriter Relationship)
176. Land Developers Eat Cake?
177. Credit Based Surety Apps: Q. & A.
181. How to Get Rid of Surety Bonds and Why You Should
186. Bonding Companies: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them
187. Look B 4 U Leap: Top 10 Surety Bonding Tips for Beginners
188. Ten Tips to BOOST Bonding Capacity


1. Bonds Are Not Insurance
7. Bond Forms
8. Bid Bonds
32. Bond Definitions – Take the Quiz
33. Good Alternatives to a Bond?
52. It’s Only a Maintenance Bond
65. All About Bid Bonds
72. Surety Consents 1, 2, 3.
73. Substitute Bid Bonds
74. Performance and Payment Bonds – Twofers
80. Substitute Performance Bonds
86. Exoneration Nation – Why Get Off Performance Bonds?
87. Payment Bonds – You Like It Hard or Easy?
89. Beyond The Glass Ceiling (When Exceeding Capacity Limit)
90. Manage Your Credit Report
91. Capacity – Enough Is Enough
93. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!  (All About Agents)
95. Plaster: NOT the Solution to Bonding Problems
96. Bullies, Banks, and Bonding Companies
98. The Great Rate Race
102. Little Bonds That Bite
103. “Experts” Surety Quiz
106. Better Than a Paid Bond Claim
109. Surety Letters – You Get What You Pay For
116. How NOT To Handle Bid Bonds
119. Lien On Me
121: Are Court Bonds Like Fruit?
126: Bizarro Bond Facts
131: Maintenance Bonds: Breezy Free & Easy
136: The Case of the Vanishing Bid Bond
137: Identify 5 Mystery Bonds Contractors Need (Plus One!)
138: Hate Union Bonds
142: Make Bid Bonds Great Again
152: I’m SO confused… (Understand Bonding Terms)
155: The Double Bonding Conundrum (Why subcontract bonds?)
158. Booby Trap Bonds (Bad Bond Form Wording)
161. No More Performance Bonds! (Alternatives to a P&P bond)
167. Completion, Performance, Site, Subdivision Bonds: What’s The DIF?!
169. Changing Horses: Site & Subdivision Bonds
170. Why Developers LOVE Subdivision Bonds
171. HOW TO Replace an ILOC with a Subdivision Bond
172. Find Site Bond Opportunities: Eureka! Agent Finds Gold Nugget!
173. Mistaken Identity (Identifying Site and Subdivision Bonds)
178. Surety Pop Quiz on P&P Bonds 
179. Demystify Subdivision Bonds
180. Completion, Performance, Site, Subdivision Bonds: What’s the DIF?!
182. Banker Holding Back (Subdivision Bonds vs ILOCs)
184. Surety Bond Quacks Like A Duck (Identifying Site Bonds)


18. Private Owners
21. Church Projects
29. When Federal Contracts are Not
39. Design/Build vs. Design/Bid/Build
40. Native American Contracts
43. Subcontractors and Subcontracts
51. Federal Contracts – Writing Bonds to Your Uncle
59. Bonding Specifications, Boilerplate That Bites
70. Labor, Contracts, and Labor Contracts
92. City Avoids Bonding
94. Reading The Tea Leaves (Understand Bonding Specifications)
110. Contract Additions – Is More Always Better?
123. Murphy’s Law – Getting Correct Paperwork
125. Contractors – When To Call It Quits
139. Bonded Contracts: Show Me The Money!
144. Do The Right Thing / Get Screwed Anyway (Preferential Lawsuits)
145. “Can’t Fit Ten Pounds of S…” (Covering Contract Additions)

Financial Statements

6. Financial Statement Management – Christmas in February
25. World’s Cheapest Audit
45. Financial Management – Backpedaling and How to Avoid It
46. Managing Assets – Turn Iron Into Gold
47. Accounting Methods – Compilation, Review, Audit?
48. Sleuthing the Accounting Method
97. Six Tips For Six-Month Reporting
112. Net Worth – Feed The Pig!
156. One Financial Statement You Didn’t Know About
163. Financial Statement Fraud


3. How Taxes Affect Bonding
4. The Magic Wand: Working Capital
5. Three Cs of Bonding – Plus One!
10. Site and Subdivision
11. Payment Bonds
12. Financial Guarantees – This is Not a Payment Bond!
13. Release of Lien Bonds
14. Financial Statements – Timing
15. How to Submit a Contractors Bond Account
16. Bid Spreads
17. Dual Obligees and Add’l Insureds
19. Indemnity Agreements: Tips and Tricks
20. Subordination Agreements
22. Bonding Started Projects
23. T-List
24. Managing the Bond Manager
26. Bond Request Forms
27. Beneficiaries of a Bond
28. Size Does Matter
31. When Receivables are Not Receivable
34. Prior Experience – Been There Done That
35. Financial Analysis – Good Loans Bad Loans
36. Financial Analysis – When Gross Profits Are Gross
37. Financial Analysis – Counting Counts
38. Bonding Capacity – How to Preserve It
41. Escaping the Stigma of Bankruptcy
42. My Bond Amount Can Beat Your Contract Amount
44. One Good Thing About Bad Credit
54. Work In Process Schedules (#1) – Own Them!
55. Work In Process Schedules (#2) – Own Them!
56. Work In Process Schedules (#3) – Own Them!
57. Work In Process Schedules (#4) – Own Them!
58. Balance Sheet Bride & WIP Schedule Groom
60. Bonding Capacity: 10 Magic Wands
64. Applying for Bonds – Think you’re Bonded? You’re Probably NOT!
65. All About Bid Bonds
67. Get to Know FedBizOpps
68. Get Your Surety Bond for Free!
69. Actual, Consequential and Liquidated Damages. Wazzat?
71. The Best Way to Avoid Low Profits
72. Surety Consents 1, 2, 3.
73. Substitute Bid Bonds
74. Twofers
75. How come HE can get a bond?!
76. The Second Bidder’s Second Chance
77. Fire, the Wheel, Surety Bond Rates
78. The Single Most Important Key to Obtain Bonding
79. Personal Indemnity, How to Avoid It
99. The Awful Truth About Working Capital
111. WIP Quiz
129. What It Takes To Get A $1 Million Bond
147. “If It Quacks Like A Duck…” (Funds Control)
148. The Greatest Impediment to Bonding
159. Beware The False Asker (Underwriting Questions)
160. Deep in the Weeds with Set Aside Letters
164. The Phantom of the Underwriting Department (Benefit of Detailed Analysis) 
165. How to Avoid Collateral
166. How to Avoid Collateral
168. Be a Code Breaker! (What does the bond guarantee?)
183. Turning “DUH!” into “TA-DAH!” (Bond a Started Project)
185. Surety Bonds are Not Fair! (Wage and Welfare bonds)

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