Claim your Gift Basket!!!*

“Hey look guys! We got an awesome holiday gift basket for Christmas, Hanukkah and (fill in your favorite holiday)! It’s from that bonding company, Great Midwest Insurance Company.  Wow that’s some great stuff!  I already see what I want.  Let’s open it now.”

“OK, this one says GREAT CAPACITY. That means they write surety bonds for contracts up to $10,000,000 each. Only a couple of our sureties can do that. Hmmm!”

“This one says WORLD’S FASTEST COMMISSIONS.  Gee, you gotta love that! Money is awesome.”

“I have FLEXIBLE UNDERWRITING. I know they can work with a variety of financial situations and may serve some difficult cases.”

“STRONG CREDENTIALS, how tasty! This corporate surety is licensed in all states and rated A-8 by A.M. Best.”

“Hey this one is mine: UNSURPASSED SERVICE.  Face it, without great customer service, you got nothin’!”

“Yeah, well a lot of companies have good service.  I have an idea, let’s call a couple of our best sureties right now and see who answers the phone. You know the drill: Your call is very important to us, the estimated hold time is 9 minutes.  Ha ha ha!

OK so do it.  The phone number for their underwriting department is 856-304-7348.  Let’s see if they answer the phone on Saturdays.”

(Try us!)

*Please enjoy your virtual gift basket!

KIS Surety Bonds, LLC is the exclusive surety underwriting department for Great Midwest Insurance Company an “A – 8” carrier licensed in all states plus D.C.

We have in-house authority for Bid and Performance Bonds up to $10 million each.

Contact us for creative solutions and a same day response.