FIA Surety Success Story

Here is an interesting case we SUCCESSFULLY bonded last week:

  • The client was awarded a municipal contract. They performed the work previously as a subcontractor, and now obtained a direct (prime) contract with the city.
  • There was no bidding process or bid results to evaluate the adequacy of the contract price.
  • The intial multi-million dollar contract had a 3 year term with a 2 year option. The bond requirement was simply “a 100% Performance and Payment Bond” with no mention of the bond term. Therefore, the expected bond term was 3 or more years!
  • The client presented an internally prepared, 10-month financial statement on the Cash Method (normally not acceptable)

How did we solve this for our agent?

  1. The client’s project costs while working as a subcontractor were compared to the new direct contract amount to determine the adequacy of the contract price. This enabled us to ovecome the absence of bid results.
  2. We bolstered the financial statement by obtaining supporting schedules.
  3. After direct discussions with the obligee, the city agreed to issue a contract amendment provding for an annual bond
  4. The customer agreed to provide an Accrual Method year-end statement going forward

What did it take to get this done for our agent? Determination to succeed. Creativity. Flexible underwriting. All stuff we do.

Is this what you want from your best surety carrier? You can have it!

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SURETY CHALLENGE: Solve This Problem!

Your client performed the contract. However, as a result of interference by a major vendor, the project is thrown off track and now there’s a performance bond claim.

The surety has indicated that the file is “on hold” pending resolution of the claim. Your client engaged in attorney but no immediate resolution is in sight.

In the meantime the contractor is becoming desperate to acquire new work and is threatening to go to a new bonding source for bid bonds (maybe by posting collateral?) If the client disengages with the incumbent surety, their claims department may decide to conclude the matter by paying the claim and closing the file. That would be the worst outcome:

  • Your client will have a paid bond claim permanently on their record
  • You lose a customer
  • The claims department will subrogate against your contractor on a claim that possibly should not have been paid.

Surety Challenge Question: How could this outcome have been avoided? Add your comments below!

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SURETY: Never Anything New, except maybe this…

There’s NOTHING NEW in Surety, except maybe this: “Runway”

Investors are familiar with the concept. It estimates how long a start up can operate on it’s initial capitalization. I apply this to surety analysis, as well.

Underwriters calculate Net Quick as an indication of future cash flow. NQ will be used to finance the start of new contracts and may solve problems on existing ones.

Under Worst Case circumstances, NQ will fund company opeations in the absence of new revenues. The unaviodable, future costs of operating are called “overhead,” or General and Administrative Expenses on the Profit and Loss statement. The ratio between the expected cash flow and the typical overhead will show the staying power or length of “Runway” for the company.

How to Calculate Runway on a Surety Account

On the last company fiscal year-end financial statement, find the average monthly overhead expenses. For example, on a Profit and Loss Statement covering a 12 month period, divide the General and Administrative Expenses by 12. Now you know the average monthly expense it costs to keep the lights on, pay the office salary, insurance charges, etc. These expenses arise even when the company has no active projects (no new revenues). Let’s say the average monthly overhead is $100,000.

Next, we divide the Net Quick by the monthly OH. If the NQ was $400,000, 400,000 divded by 100,000 = 4, meaning (theoretically), in the absense of any new revenues, the company can run for four months covering ongoing expenses with the expected cash flow (NQ).

In an ongoing business, there are many other factors to consider. But Runway is worth knowing and tracking because it is a measure of the client’s staying power. And that’s something we always want to know about.

Steve Golia

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Complicated Subdivision Bond ISSUED!

You may never have seen a case quite like this one…


  • Applicant needed a multi-million dollar maintenance bond for work installed under a subdivision development agreement.
  • The construction phase was already bonded by another surety and completed. They could not provide the required multi-million dollar maintenance bond.
  • Applicant provided a recent fiscal year-end statement with a negative $900,000 Net Worth and a $1 million+ Net Loss
  • “Compilation” financials for a bond over $3 million
  • The municipal obligee required a straight seven-year bond term for 100% of the construction amount.  (Rolling your eyes yet?)

How did FIA Surety put this together?

  • We verified the Compilation financials based on our “audit” of supporting schedules.
  • We restructured the Net Worth analysis by arranging the subordination of a major loan.
  • We worked with their CPA to evaluate the profitability of their current fiscal year.
  • We verified the warranty in the underlying construction contract.
  • We conducted a negotiation with the obligee resulting in a revised contractual obligation for the Principal, and they accepted a revised bond form written by our legal department – with a shorter term, and permitting non-renewal by FIA Surety.
  • We obtained the obligee’s written acceptance of the work in place.
  • We conducted a prior surety check with the incumbent carrier.

Complicated? Yes.

Difficult? Yes

Unusual? NO! Not for us. FIA Surety is known for getting deals done, even the hard ones.

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Surety: Jelly of the Month Club?

The Gift That Keeps Giving!

OK, the Jelly of the Month Club is AWESOME, but that’s not what we’re talking about…

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Confusing Surety Stuff – SOLVED!

Here is a great question that came up during one of our training sessions in the office:

What’s the difference between an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, a Line of Credit and a Set-aside Letter?

Letter of Credit

This document is also referred to as an “ILOC,” a Letter of Credit or a Standby Letter of Credit. They are a commercial bank customers undistributed loan payable to a designated 3rd party. Wow, THAT explains it!

Here is an example: Elon is entering into a contract that must be secured. It could be a construction contract that requires either a Performance Bond or an ILOC. The instrument is needed by Elon and he is the applicant and paying for it, but the beneficiary is the other party in the contract, LaFawnduh.

The instrument says that if a default occurs the beneficiary can seek recovery via that instrument. LaFawnduh, can send a demand letter to the bank which will be obligated to send funds. It will be recorded as a loan to Elon.

Line of Credit

This is simply a credit facility, such a a home equity loan or Working Capital Loan for a business. The applicant / borrower can draw out funds when needed. A loan document governs the transactions.

Set-Aside Letter

This is an agreement executed by a bank regarding a customer they share with a bonding company. The bank is loaning money to the client to fund a project guaranteed / covered by a surety bond. This could be on a subdivision, where the borrower must self-fund the cost of construction.

In the event of the demise of the borrower, the set-aside letter promises to keep the loan in play so the surety has a source of funds to finish the work.

Now, was that so bad? All three concern the handling of money, but for different purposes.

Want to solve more bonding stuff? Call us with your next Contract SuretySite or Subdivision Bond. We’re problem solvers!

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