#170: Why Developers LOVE Subdivision Bonds

When developers and home builders start a new project, they must give security to the local township. This guarantees construction of the “public improvements.”

The security can be in cash, an irrevocable letter of credit (ILOC), or a subdivision bond (surety bond).

Why is a bond the best method?

  • Developers retain the use of their cash. Keep it available to acquire and finance new projects. Use it to solve problems. Remember, cash is king!
  • More control if there is a claim: They are processed through the bonding company. There is a discovery process. The developer has input and more control than with an ILOC. With an ILOC they can simply grab the developer’s money!
  • Better long term protection. These guarantees are hard to close, may drag on for years. The township is in no hurry to give up their security. It’s easy to renew the bond and you’re good for another year.

Developers and home builders love subdivision bonds – especially if they obtain them from one of the industry’s strongest players: FIA Surety. We have supported developers and home builders with subdivision bonds since 1979.

Call us for your next one or to replace existing security you have already filed.

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