Bonding Pros Success Story

November 12, 2014 to Bonding Pros:

“Steve, Good to see it came thru OK. We would like to offer our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your efforts. Thanks so much! Talk soon, (Contractor)”

Frankly, we even impressed ourselves on this one!

The client had a series of obstacles in their file, any one of which could have caused a declination.  With their good cooperation we crafted a file that brought out the key elements of their strength, and effectively addressed issues we knew could be deal killers.

We got them capacity with a highly rated, T-listed surety… with NO COLLATERAL.

This is where our long experience as bonding specialists pays off.

You know insurance, but we know bonds.  Use us as you agency bond department.  We’re problem solvers and our markets are the best.  When you need a bond, talk to the Pros!

We protect our brokers, pay a commission on every bond fee and keep you in the loop.  Try us!

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