Secrets of Bonding #67: Get to Know FedBizOpps

“FedBizOpps” or, is a federal website presented by the General Services administration. It is officially described as a “web-based portal which allows vendors to review Federal Business Opportunities.”

This site can be a great help to bonding agents and is a critical resource for contractors pursuing federal work.  Open another browser while you read this and and connect to the site.  We’ll go through the highlights.

The main purpose of this site is to connect contractors with upcoming federal projects.  Let’s try the Quick Search on the front page.  For Type select Presolicitation. For Keyword enter Janitorial, then press Search. A list of upcoming janitorial projects appears. They are all available for bidding!

Do another search using Place of Performance: Alaska. For Keyword, enter “snowmachines” then click Search.  This should take you to a page showing an Air force contract award for $35,500. Here you see the details of a company that successfully acquired a contract.

FedBizOpps provides all the federal contract activity centralized in one web site.  What a great resource!

How to get involved

Contractors are considered “vendors” to the government, so step one is to follow the Vendor / Citizen registration link near the bottom of the front page.

After you register and classify your business, you are ready to perform a contract search. Log in to the site if necessary, and do a Quick Search under My FBO. Use Presolicitation and Janitorial again.

My search resulted in a list of 25 contracts. If you click on the first one it immediately shows you the nature and location of the work, the response date and other key details.  If you wish to pursue this contract, additional information is provided.  When you click Add Me To Interested Vendors, your company info is immediately included under the third tab “Interested Vendor List.”  This entitles you to automatic updates that will arrive in your email.  You will be advised as this opportunity moves through various stages resulting in an award.

When listed as an Interested Vendor, you may find that suppliers and other companies will contact you.  They may offer to assist in your solicitation effort or be your supplier if you win.

As a prospective bidder, you will also see who you are bidding against.  Good stuff!

Saved Searches

Here is an excellent feature of the site. Under My FBO, follow Search and Create Saved Searches. You can use very specific parameters.  After you run the search, choose Save Search Agent. At the bottom follow Save and Schedule Search Agent.  You can instruct the site to run this search every day and email you the results!  You can also set up any number of additional searches you may desire.

There is always a button near the top for the User Guide, which is a very helpful “FedBizOpps for Dummies” type resource.

For Bond Agents, the site provides the names and contact info of federal contractors.  Other vendors and suppliers use the site for the same purpose.

If you have an interest in federal contracts, get to know FedBizOpps!  Make it work for you every day.

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