FIA Surety School Policies

  • The purpose of the school is to provide a benefit primarily for FIA Surety appointed agents.
  • We will provide continuing education accredited webinars in specific states.
  • Our program is provided free of charge.
  • Our educational focus is primarily on surety bonds.
  • Neither the school, nor FIA Surety, assumes any responsibility in regard to the application of continuing education credits, individual license renewals or any inconvenience or loss that may arise in connection with such credits or licenses.
  • Attendees are reminded to directly verify the status of their CE credits.
  • FIA Surety School reserves the right to determine the day and time of webinar events and we are not obligated to provide notification of schedule changes. The schedule is published and periodically updated on this blog page:
  • Due to limitations on our maximum class size, we must prioritize seating availability to assure our appointed agents have maximum access to the program.  In some cases, individuals who are not our appointed agents, or members of such organizations, may be placed on a waiting list.  The final attendee list will be determined on the business day prior to the webinar.

Steve Golia, School Director


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