Surety: Xenophobia?

Xenophobia: “Fear of the Unknown.”

Do you fear Surety Bonds, avoid them?!
Could it be because you just don’t know about them?

Let FIA Surety boost your knowledge and supercharge your career!

Our next Free CE Zoom webinar is on 10/2/23: “Commercial and Miscellaneous Bonds.” After this 3 credit, free course you will be able to:

* Quickly indentify the type of bond
* Determine the nature of the surety obligation
* Predict the key underwriting factors
* Score whether it is an easy or a “life-changing” placement!

You might even Enjoy this class. We have fun and give away a valuable gift at every session.
Join us for the FIA Surety 10/2/23 Free Zoom webinar! 3 credits, no exam.
“Commercial and Miscellaneous Bonds” Click for more info.

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