FIA Surety Success Story (6/22/23)

Here is a perplexing situation. How would you handle this bond request?

The client is planning to modify ($$$) a building they are leasing. The landlord wants a security deposit equal to the value of the construction work – to assure that it is completed.

Since this will unduly tie up the client’s money, the agent is asking for a surety bond to protect the landlord.

  1. What kind of bond would that be?
  2. Who is the applicant / Principal?
  3. Can a Performance Bond be issued for the landlord if they are not party to a contract?

The FIA Surety Solution:

  • There is no bond specifically for this siuation. We could call it a “Leasehold Improvement Indemnity Bond.” I just invented that!
  • The only contract involved, that could be the subject of a Performance & Payment bond, is between the lessor / client and their builder.
  • If such a bond is issued, the builder would be the applicant, and the bond cost would be passed to the lessor via the construction contract.
  • In this case, the landlord is an “interested party” regarding the contract, and therefore entitled to be included under the P&P bond by issuing an Dual Obligee Rider – normally for no extra charge.

In this manner we have satisfied the need of the landlord, at no charge to them, and avoided trying to issue a Leasehold Improvement Indemnity Bond (which doesn’t exist!)

Why not put the great minds at FIA Surety to work on your next bond problem opportunity?

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