How To Do a Surety Conference Call

What could be easier, right? You ALREADY know how to do it.

Well, here are the 10 steps and see if maybe you are leaving some out:

  1. Determine the goals of the call. Doing so will involve a review of the file and consultation with other interested colleagues. Create a list and share it with your group. “Here is my list of questions and topics for the call. Have anything to add or delete?” Share the final written list with your colleagues. Decide if you want to give the complete or a partial list, to all participants. “Here’s what we want to cover.”
  2. Contact the participants, identify a convenient day / time and share the call in info. Send the list or any other documents they may need for the call.
  3. When the conference starts, say hello and invite some chit-chat while everyone gathers “How’s the weather today in Sheboygan?” Be sure all participants can hear / see each other.
  4. The host should introduce everyone and indicate their role.
  5. After re-stating the purpose of the call, the host will start to work through the list. The host and colleagues should make notes on the discussion. Write down the relevant comments and who said them. What are the critical points you want to rely on going forward? “Remember during the conference call you stated there was no open litigation, etc…”
  6. Give everyone an opportunity to talk and ask questions, including the client.
  7. Before ending the call, review any action steps that were identified. “Billy will send us the Subdivision Bond app tomorrow.”
  8. After the call, share the meeting notes with your colleagues to see if you missed anything important. Everyone now has a written copy of the meeting results, including action steps for which they may be responsible.
  9. Send an email to the participants thanking them for the call and reciting the actions steps and timetables.
  10. Set a diary for follow up.

Notice how we worked Subdivision Bonds in there? That’s because Site and Subdivision is our specialty. We love ’em and provide them in all states. Call us when the next one pops up. 856-304-7348

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