PPP: What You Need to Know – Right Now.

Here is strategic information you need right now.

Receiving that PPP loan was great! But now you face significant accounting questions if your fiscal year-end is 12/31. You need to determine the proper way to account for this transaction on your company financial statement. This has big implications for your relationship with your bonding company (Subdivision, Bid and Performance Bonds,) and your bank credit line.

You may have applied for loan forgiveness, and you may have received it from the bank and SBA. Let’s find your exact situation, and how to proceed. Which of the following is your case? In this discussion, we are assuming the company fiscal year-end (FYE) is 12/31.

  1. Forgiveness application has been submitted and approved by the bank and SBA prior to the 12/31 FYE. The loan is wiped off the balance sheet and the funds are recorded as *INCOME. Hooray! There is no remaining debt.
  2. Application submitted, and it looks OK, but forgiveness has not yet been approved. From an accounting standpoint, this is somewhat vague.
    • Treat it as Debt. This may be the safest, most conservative accounting approach. It was, and still is, a Debt on the balance sheet. It’s not income.
    • Record it as a Gain Contingency. This is similar to the Debt approach but instead, the loan is classified as a “deferred income” liability on the balance sheet. When the loan is forgiven, it comes off the balance sheet and becomes income.
    • Record it as a Government Grant. For this treatment, there must be a high likelihood of forgiveness by the bank and SBA. Under this treatment the debt disappears and is recorded as “other income.” This is a much more aggressive approach.

*Reminder: “Forgiven” PPP loan proceeds are not taxable income!

Sound complicated? It is. You need the advice of your accounting professional to handle this properly. Its worth it to have a good one.

Same thing with your bonding company. A good one is capable, responsive and stable. For over 40 years, FIA Surety has been a dependable provider of Site, Subdivision, Bid and Performance bonds. Try us! We want to write the business.

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