Surety Bonds: An Irish tale, “Lynch the ILOC Slayer” Revealed

You read the ancient tale of Lynch the Mariner – summoned from the sea to defeat the ILOCs*. (Review the tale here)
Is it true, or just glorious legend? Here are the facts:
  • For more than 40 years, Patrick Lynch, founder of FIA Surety, has fought for developers and homebuilders by providing the Site and Subdivision Bonds they need. Better than an ILOC, the Subdivision Bond prevents the developers cash from being tied up for years.
  • FIA Surety actively replaces (Slayer!) existing ILOCs that developers have filed to secure their projects. We issued 25 in the last month! Developers regain the use of their cash and bank credit! This is a huge service agents can bring to their clients.
  • Protectors of the developers assets: Better than an ILOC, our surety bonds can help protect (Lynch’s shield) the developers assets from frivolous claims.
“Lynch the ILOC Slayer” Fact or fiction?  You decide!
When a Site or Subdivision Bond is needed (new or to replace an evil ILOC), now you know who to call. 856-304-7348
   *ILOC = Irrevocable Letter of Credit issued by a commercial bank.

FIA Surety / First Indemnity of America Insurance Company, Morris Plains, NJ

We are currently licensed in: NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, WV, TN,  FL, GA, AL, OK, TX

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