Surety Check Up- NOW is the time

We all know the value of a medical check up.  Address the issues.  Prevent unsolvable problems and bad outcomes.

The health of a surety bond account is also important, vitally important for companies that need bid and performance bonds to acquire additional revenues. That’s why we offer a free “medical” check up for construction bond accounts at this time of the year.

It’s easy, fast and free, and you DON’T need an appointment.  We will provide a Surety Bonding Evaluation based on just two pieces of information.  This initial evaluation will show if the correct amount of capacity is being provided, identify problem areas that may be holding the account back, and may include advice on making strategic changes.

We guarantee a same day response and will review:

  • Amount of single bond capacity that may be appropriate
  • Amount of aggregate bond capacity the account qualifies for
  • Financial areas where the account can be strengthened
  • Red flags and issues that can hurt the bond account and how they may be easily resolved!
  • Good cholesterol / bad cholesterol screening (just kidding!)

Info needed:

  1. “draft” company year end financial statement
  2. contractor questionnaire.

That’s it!  Most construction companies have a 12/31 fiscal year end, so NOW is the time to preview the info and evaluate it for bonding – before the CPA makes the final 12/31/17 version. This process is strictly confidential.  We don’t run credit reports or contact anyone.  It’s confidential with the Bond Doctor…

Isn’t it better to have confidence going into 2018? Send to “” or call 856-304-7348.


KIS Surety Bonds, LLC is the exclusive surety underwriting department for Great Midwest Insurance Company an “A – 8” carrier licensed in all states plus D.C.

We have in-house authority for Bid and Performance Bonds up to $10 million each.

Contact us for creative solutions and a same day response.


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