Secret #100! Why You Don’t Need Us

Let’s face it, not all bid and performance bonds are difficult.  Granted, bonds are different from insurance, but with some of the programs out there, you really don’t have to be an expert.

We refer to them as “EZ” type programs.  They have been around for years because surety underwriters realize there is a layer of business that can be processed with minimal handling by a decision-maker. 

At FIA Surety, we are surety specialists.  That’s ALL we do since 1979, and we’re getting pretty good at it…  but you really don’t need our help, unless:

  • The project is over the $500,000 range
  • The client has more than $400-500,000 of work on hand
  • The company is new
  • The project is not in their normal territory
  • Nature of the work is unusual for the client
  • Uncertain if they have the know-howno_idea
  • The job is complicated
  • Job not in the continental U.S.
  • Job term over 12 months
  • Maintenance over 12 months
  • Site or subdivision bond (Our specialty!)
  • Dual obligee such as a lender
  • Non-standard bond forms
  • Excessive bid spread
  • Demolition project
  • Hazardous material / environmental work
  • Marine work
  • Tax liens
  • Bond claims
  • Bankruptcies
  • Poor credit report

OK so maybe sometimes you DO need us…  We know how to handle all the various problems.  Chances are, we know how to solve any problem you run into.  We have the knowledge and the best service standards.

FIA Surety is a NJ based bonding company (carrier) that has specialized in Site, Subdivision, Bid and Performance Bonds since 1979 – we’re good at it!  Call us with your next one.

Steve Golia, Marketing Mgr.: 856-304-7348

First Indemnity of America Ins. Co.

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